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Our story and philosophy

The story of Aculina is woven from a deep-rooted passion for clay and an unyielding fascination with handcrafted, functional ceramics. This brand was created by artist Katya Gudaeva, who discovered her love for ceramics later in life. At 34, Katya's exploration began with ceramic classes at a local pottery studio, where she quickly developed a profound love for the craft. Her growing passion eventually led to the establishment of her ceramic studio.

Katya's appreciation for handcrafted ceramics, particularly tableware, runs deep. She believes these objects exude warmth and connection and play a central role in life's cherished moments—whether cooking a favorite meal, sharing joyous occasions with loved ones, or savoring moments of solitude with a cup of tea. This essence of happiness, connection, and family ties inspired the name 'Aculina'.

The name Aculina holds a special emotional significance. It honors Katya’s grandmother, Aculina, a strong, independent, and loving woman. Sadly, Aculina passed away when Katya’s mother was still a child. Though Katya never met her grandmother, she grew up hearing stories and looking at old photos that showed a woman who brought joy and warmth to her home. 

Through Aculina's ceramics, Katya hopes to share that same joy and warmth with you, bringing a touch of her grandmother's spirit into your everyday moments. Each piece is crafted with love and care, celebrating the beauty of handcrafted art and the connections that make life special.

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